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BIO presents artworks created by Yingru, who grew up in Qingdao, on the east coast of China in the province of Shandong. After completing her degree in business law she decided to explore the big, wide world and amongst others travelled to the Philippines, Japan and Austria. 
But all this does not prescind from the focal interest in Yingru's live that she has dedicated her heart and soul to since her childhood ... the art of Chinese Calligraphy. After more than 20 years it became part of her and now reflects in her character and personality.

Comparable to other arts numerous contests and exhibitions are organized for Chinese Calligraphy. As in any art it usually is quite difficult to compare the works of art and judgement rarely is unambiguous.
Once a year a contest takes place in Beijing where you are officially evaluated according to the 18 levels of Chinese Calligraphy. In 1994 Yingru was awarded the 5th DUAN (level 14 of 18) at this Contest of the Hundred Palaces. 

Whether source of tranquillity in a turbulent world, medium for thoughts and emotions, mirror of the soul, letting go by keeping hold of it or artful snap-shot ... the more you are exposed to Chinese Calligraphy the more versatile the experience for the artist as well as the beholder. 

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